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About Me

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Photo: courtesy of Dr. Wendy Smith, CSUSB

I am a graduate student at California State University San Bernardino. At the end of this quarter, I will be one class away from writing my thesis. My major is English with concentration in Teaching English as a Second Language. This arcade project is for my English 658 computer class. I am glad to say that I am taking the class because it has catapulted me into a new horizon--technoliteracy horizon. For a start, visit FAMA'S POETRY ARCADE

My Writing
Writing consisits of different components. Writing addresses different issues, and writing has diverse audience. For this arcade, the writing component (genre) employed is poetry. I hope you will enjoy your visit with my insightful poems. Also, I thank you for sharing your valuable time with me by reading the poems. Peace and Love.
The Middle

Always an interesting place to be

Not the first

Definitely not the last.

This inbetweenness

Has a robust niche

In the society.

Not measured by wealth

But by prestige.

The prestige of class

The prestige of

How much scrutiny

The brain was subjected

In the name of

Paradigms, methodologies, epistemologies…

And how fast an audience can be lost

Or confused

With the display of this intellectual jargon

That is all to it

The epistemology of

Middle Classism.


Lagos, Nigeria

Grad Study

Chief FAMA can be reached at 515 West 21st Street, San Bernardino, CA. 92405. Tel: 909 886 6023