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Crossing the Atlantic Ocean

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By Chief FAMA

His personality is endearing

It melts stony hearts

Having freshly crossed the Atlantic ocean

His humble, homespun discipline

His virtuous, home-brewed character

His rational, home-instilled respect for authority

Yield him good results

Award upon award from educators

For academic achievements.

Praise upon praise from acquitances

Model of the ‘wished son’ of every parent

Symbol of good community parenting.

Gradually, he begins to deviate

Slowly, he begins to move away

From the path of endearment

To that of despair.

The Atlantic ocean has been crossed

The garment of discipline has been shed

The cap of morality has been discarded

The concept of “authority” has been twisted

Obliteration and confusion have set in.

Joy, Peace, Love

I hope the poem is worth the time spent reading it. On a scale of 1  to 10 (10 being the highest), how wuld you rate if? Thank you.
Chief FAMA can be reached at 515 West 21st Street, San Bernardino, CA. 92405. Tel: 909 886 6023