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October Afternoon
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By Chief FAMA

In their yards

Three families

Different racial backgrounds.

On the east side

A Latino mother

With two of her children.

On the West side

A Caucasian

With his youngest son, seven years old, on the roof.

In the middle

A C-A Black woman

With two of her children.

Three parents with adjoining properties

Role models to their children.

There is always work to do within their yards

The Latino weeds tall grasses

With her children helping.

The Caucasian works on his roof

Sweeping and tarring

With his son helping.

The Black woman spins the thread of her writing

Her seventeen year old son combines domestic work with auto repairs

An eight year old being caressed to write a paragraph of four sentences.

How lucky the children are

To have parents guiding them

To productive adulthoods.



The Author


Chief FAMA can be reached at 515 West 21st Street, San Bernardino, CA. 92405. Tel: 909 886 6023