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Inately so Defined
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By Chief FAMA

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Beautifful girls with FAMA & husband. Photo by Toyin

Innately so defined


We should own up to it

Our contribution to innate biases.

Who came up with it?

Who are defined by it?

Who are categorized by it?


We can look at it

We can point fingers at it

We can even beat our chests

And say,

“I’m not one of them.”


“My children, you aren’t one of them”

“You are …Americans.”

To whom fingers are pointed

The beginning started elsewhere.


That “elsewhere”

Is an artificially “constructed” boundary

The boundary of “us” and “them”

But in the beginning

We were one.


The resultant progression

Of which we are a part

Bred the categorization

Of the “Them and “Us”

The “Us” and “Them.”


Listen to the first generation

Of our own labeling

“I am oyinbo”

“Girl, you aren’t oyinbo”


Hold the thought!

Don’t blame them

They are victims

Of our own biases.


We can bleach the skin

But cannot erase the permanent mark

That is divinely entrenched

By the divine artist.


They are Americans, and very soon

They will be categorized by someone else

In ways similar to own biases

Victims all around.

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Chief FAMA

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