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Nature and People

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By Chief FAMA



The population was thin with people

And nature was vast with endowment.


In that primordial time

People and nature intertwined

Each committed to different chores

Around the house, and away from the house.


The love from people to nature

Was inherent

Likewise, the radiance from nature to people

Was healing.


Peace, with different definitions

Was abundant:

--Peace of the mind

--Peace that comes with the joy of living.


After a long stretch

Of people moving away from people

And of people and nature being sequenced

The love from people to people

And from people to nature waned.


Then, a new yearning began

For people and people and nature

To co-mingle in absolute joy

And with heartwarming smiles

Crept back.


The renewed yearning

For a once-again chance

To smell and bask in that landscape

Of people and nature

Interacting with each other

In absolute peace

Is now invigorating.


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Picture by FAMA 2006

Another Perspective

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