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The Products of My Womb

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Pictura taken at the 2006 Odun Ifa.jpg
Picture by Oloye FAMA.2006

Special and imaginative

They are uniquely different

Because, they were differently created                                              

By different creators.


They comfort

At different levels

They soothe

For different reasons.


Conceivement: discomfort, endurance

Conjurement: dedication, perseverance

Both are at risk

On the physical level; on the cognitive level.


Both have monumental effects

On whomever they come across

Both travels—land, sea, air

But one travels father and faster than the other.


Life expectations and life spans

Predetermined for one

Post determined for the other

Life without end—only for one of them.


The feelings of giving birth to them

Are feelings of joy; feelings of mixed emotions

The motherly prayers for their lives and successes

Are as far apart as day and night.


The products of the womb

Womb being metaphoric

Product being interpretive.


They are all my children.

One with blood; the other without blood

Who are they, the products of my womb?

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Oloye FAMA'S book

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